Restructuring Colouring Cream

Permanent hair colour with keratin and multivitamins

Crema Colorante Ristrutturante

Colouring Cream Programme


All of the same professional skills and experience used in the production of traditional phials of hair strengthener specifically to combat the problem of weak hair, have been used to create this Restructuring Cream Colour containing tried and tested active ingredients: keratin and a multivitamin compound. Keramine H is a cosmetic colouring cream that gives you the best in terms of colour intensity and durability, while protecting the hair. The keratin and multivitamins in the formula act on the sensitive areas of the hair to ensure it is restructured, with even colour results along its whole length.

Active Ingredients

KERATIN: is one of the substances that make up the hair. Its action strengthens and repairs the hair shaft, leaving treated hair stronger and more resistant, while repairing it in the exact sections where it is finer and more sensitive.

MULTIVITAMIN COMPOUND: to leave treated hair with better gloss and shine. Contains vitamins A and C and has an excellent anti-oxidant, anti-ageing action to leave hair feeling shiny and soft.

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