The affordable and easy-to-use professional colour.


Professional colouring line that meets the needs of those seeking a professional result at home. 14 classic and trendy shades to mix with the oxidising emulsion for 100% coverage of white hair. The Dekolor professional bleaching powder completes the line.

Professional Colour Line products

Colorazione per capelli in crema

Oxidation Colouring

Professional colouring cream for use with oxidising emulsion in a 1:2 ratio. Its formula enriched with Keratin, Argan oil and Marigold flower extract protects the hair while colouring it. 100% coverage of white hair and a uniform, long-lasting and luminous colour.
Format: 100 ml tube.

Discover the shades

Colorazione per capelli in crema

Oxidising Emulsion

20 vol. oxidising emulsion to be used with the colouring cream at a mixing ratio of 1:2.
Format: 200 ml bottle.

Colorazione per capelli in crema

Dekolor - Hair Bleaching Powder

Compact powder bleach enriched with Corn extract for a restructuring action on hair. Light blue in colour and apple scented.
Format: 25 g single-dose sachets.

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