Inexpensive and easy-to-use professional hair colour.


Hair Colour Cream to be used with Oxiding Cream Emulsion, chosen according to the level of lightening required, with a mix ratio of 1:2.

Professional Colour Line products

Colorazione per capelli in crema

Hair Colour Cream

It allows achieving extremely precise results with intense colours and deep shine with ease. Enriched with hydrolysed Keratin, it protects and strengthens the hair by going through them deeply. The product is perfectly balanced and it has an efficient colouring power: uniformity and colour precision, shade accuracy, high bleaching power, perfect coverage of grey hair and healthy and shinning hair. Non-drip formula. It doesn't irritate or stain the skin.
Size: 100 ml tube.

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Colorazione per capelli in crema

Oxiding Cream Emulsion

Oxiding Cream Emulsion 20 vol. with mix ratio of 1:2.
Size: 200 ml bottle.

Colorazione per capelli in crema

Dekolor - Bleaching Powder

Compact bleaching powder with Maize extract to restructure the hair.
Size: 25 gr monodose sachet or 500 gr box with measuring spoon.

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