Dedicated treatment for weak, thin and brittle hair.


The Strengthening Line is a cosmetic treatment that is excellent when it comes to combatting problems caused by weak hair. The treatment starts with Strengthening Shampoo and a Regenerating Mask to prepare the hair and scalp to receive the active ingredients. The Strengthening Phial contains hydrolysed keratin and a compound of amino acids, the same substances that make up the hair, dissolved in a non-alcohol-based solution. The keratin strengthens and repairs the hair shaft, while the amino acid compound keeps it stronger and healthier, right down to the roots.

Active Ingredients

(1) KERATIN: keratin is one of the substances that make up the hair. Its action strengthens and repairs the hair shaft, leaving treated hair stronger and more resistant, while repairing it in the exact sections where it is finer and more sensitive.

(2) AMINO ACIDS: amino acids are the substances that make up the hair; they work by keeping it stronger and sturdier, from the root, to leave it stronger and full of stamina.

(3) SERICIN: a derivative of silk that protects hair against the dehydrating action of blow dryers, etc. Leaves hair feeling soft, supple and looking shiny.

(4) PLANT EXTRACTS AND BOTANICAL COMPOUNDS: to energise and strengthen fine, brittle hair.

(5) VITAMIN E: antioxidant action for bounce and tone.

Use frequency

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