The effectiveness you know, now in plastic-free packaging!

A solid choice!

Reduce environmental impact with maximum protection for scalp and hair.

Solid Shampoo: an environmentally-friendly product.

Its packaging is plastic-free and reduced to a minimum, for low environmental impact.

The packaging consists of a solid shampoo holder made of compostable bamboo pulp and a box made of cardboard from FSC-verified and certified renewable sources.

The entire packaging is 100% recyclable and each product packaging also contains the instructions to properly recycle each material. In addition, as the packaging is less voluminous, more product can be carried on means of transportation. And even when buying just one unit, the small and compact packaging makes it possible to use smaller boxes or bags, wasting less materials.

This solid shampoo lasts a long time and is guaranteed to make you spend less money too! One solid shampoo bar of 55 g lasts as long as 2 bottles of 250 ml of liquid shampoo. The amount may vary according to the length of your hair and how often you wash it.

Non-water-based formulas are veritable concentrates of functional substances and active ingredients and can be used down to the last gram, without wasting any product!

Convenient and practical to carry with you!

Both space and weight are optimised for any beauty case, from swimming pool or gym bag to beach bag. Great for air travel too, as they are not restricted in hand luggage, unlike liquids.

Keramine H Solid Shampoos