Clinical test

Clinically tested in conjunction with Riservice Srl Area Scientifica

Clinical tests were carried out on a group of 20 volunteers with problems of androgenic alopecia:
10 women (between grade I and II on the Ludwig scale),
10 men (between grade II and III on the Hamilton scale).

Reduction in the AMOUNT of HAIR LOSS after 75 days in 80% of cases (subjective and clinical assessments).
Increased RESISTANCE to TRACTION in 90% of cases.


Reduction in DANDRUFF, objectively assessed in 100% of volunteers examined.
Reduction in SEBORRHOEA, objectively assessed in 70% of volunteers examined.


Increased SHINE: as expressed by 80% of volunteers.
Increased VOLUME: as expressed by 65% of volunteers.
Increased COMBABILITY: as expressed by 60% of volunteers.

The Antihairloss Line products: